JS: Clear Default Value onFocus

Simply add the following to the the onFocus attribute of any HTML form input tag. [code lang=”JavaScript”]if (this.value == this.defaultValue) this.value = ”;[/code] this.defaultValue is automatically given the value in the HTML.

Append to Body onLoad

I looked for a long time how I could add JavaScript functions to an HTML document’s onLoad attribute. Eventually I found this, something so obvious that I had considered trying it but foolishly didn’t try. [code lang=”JavaScript”] var oldLoad = window.onload; window.onload = function() { oldLoad(); function2(); } [/code]


I wanted to tell the user that they need JavaScript, but obviously only if they don’t already have it enabled. The following is a very crude script which uses the very fact that JS is available to hide the requirement notice… HTML: [code lang=”html”] Warning! You need to have javascript enabled to use this page. … Read morejsReq

Standards RIP

This certainly isn’t the first place I’ve seen this view expressed, but it certainly has the best reasoning. The following is just an excerpt. HTML is for documents (pages) not for applications. We are all building applications. Users don”t care about validation. Validation is a tool not a goal. The top priority is making features … Read moreStandards RIP