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Rename Terrorism

If only [tag]terrorism[/tag] were renamed to ‘mild trepidation-ism‘ it wouldn’t be so effective.

Fortunately, I live in the [tag]UK[/tag], [tag]England[/tag] specifically, where our stiff-upper-lip-ed-ness prevents us from being too affected by [tag]terrorist[/tag] attacks.
It’s only when services are damaged that the country is really slowed.

Clearly there are some who unfortunately bear the brunt, often physically, in these attacks. Life for them, and their family and friends, may well be permanently changed.
But we have to put things in perspective: many many more people are killed by smoking than by terrorists in the UK; many more people are injured in simple DIY accidents than by terrorists. So why be so scared of it?

Being terrified by such a slim statistic is no way to live a life.

Calling it ‘Terrorism’ only serves to make it more powerful.


Communist Britain

It is being reported that private schools may be blackmailed into lending teachers to state schools.
Private schools provide a service to those who can afford it, just like any business, but face the prospect of having to share their resources with those who can’t (or choose not to), with no input from the parents who pay, nor the staff who work for a living.

I see this as a reflection of my own status.

Here in [tag]Liverpool[/tag] I pay the highest council [tag]tax[/tag] in the country.
This is partly because of the huge number of (rightly) exempt students, but also due to high unemployment.
This unemployment appears to be by choice for many – the unemployed can easily live on the benefits they receive.
If benefits only provided the barest minimum, and not in money form*, then more people would be forced to earn a living off their own back instead of relying on the forced generosity of others.

If there’s no need to work before receiving, what’s the point?
Personally, it’s a matter of pride, and being brought up knowing that that is what’s expected of me. I see far too many people being brought up with no sense of obligation (to do anything, not even not dropping litter), no sense of work before reward.

*– giving food vouchers instead for example might force them to actually get a job to pay for that big TV, that Sky subscription.



Scientology Is A Cult

I just wanted to use the word ‘[tag]cult[/tag]’ it since it enrages them so.

Religions generally preach peace, forgiveness, etc., yet it appears [tag]Scientology[/tag] is all about brain-washing, coercion, and the elimination of anyone who even considers any contrary beliefs.

How anyone can defend such behaviour is beyond me.

I am glad to learn that its requests to be recognised as a [tag]religion[/tag] here in the [tag]UK[/tag] have been rejected, but am concerned that it could still happen.