Blogosphere Could Change

I genuinely believe that the oddly (and uncatchily) named Real Time Matrix and/or similar services could significantly affect [tag]online[/tag] publishing. While aggregation and [tag]blog-search[/tag] aren’t new, services like this could change the dynamics of the [tag]blogosphere[/tag] – the big guys might find themselves getting less traffic as the smaller sites get more attention, and hopefully … Read moreBlogosphere Could Change

RSS updates

It has occured to me that [tag]RSS[/tag] (etc) readers should allow the user to [tag]refresh[/tag] the [tag]post content[/tag]. This would mean that if the post is updated, which many often are, those edits would be visible from within the feed reader. Better: get the reader to check the posts and notify the user if the … Read moreRSS updates