The NatWest Card Reader, part deux (I didn’t change banks)

My last post on the subject¬†(a fraction over 10 years ago!) garnered a lot of comments for what was essentially just a rant, and it turned out to be somewhat unfounded and sensationalistic. I’m still with NatWest, their online banking is still very good and their app is the best, and I’ve rarely had to … Read moreThe NatWest Card Reader, part deux (I didn’t change banks)

You get what you pay for…

PC World, TechGuys (PC Service Call), Parceline – One of them screwed up. The fiance√©’s laptop died on a Thursday. It would POST, but it would simply restart itself before Windows started loading. It’s a Vista machine so I tried to use its self-repair options, but to no avail. I took it to work to … Read moreYou get what you pay for…

NatWest Anti-Fraud Team: Impressive

Despite my reservations regarding NatWest’s Card Reader, I wish to voice how impressed I was with their Anti-Fraud Team. DreamHost’s incredible billing blunder resulted in some peculiar charges to my card. So when I was trying to pay what I actually owed, it was denied by the issuer. I tried a few times (just in … Read moreNatWest Anti-Fraud Team: Impressive

BBC Homepage Beta Using jQuery

The BBC Beta Homepage is using jQuery, but unfortunately it’s ugly. I should qualify that – I think it’s a good move to make the homepage more personalisable, but does it have to look so Web2.0? Big text was a fad a year ago, but it’s too informal for an internationally recognised and respected news … Read moreBBC Homepage Beta Using jQuery