BA drops ban on wearing crosses

BA has announced that it has changed its rules regarding [tag]religious[/tag] items its staff can wear. As with many [tag]rules[/tag] and [tag]law[/tag]s, problems only appeared because they were far too specific. English law has the benefit of the word ‘reasonable’, allowing sensible flexible rules. Had their rules simply said “non-uniform [tag]cultural[/tag] and religious [tag]jewellery[/tag] and … Read moreBA drops ban on wearing crosses

You’re Too Fat

The BBC is today reporting on the suggestion that ‘Plus-Size’ clothes tags should include [tag]obesity[/tag] help-line numbers. I agree – it’s a fact that many ‘heavy’ people are [tag]fat[/tag] because of lack of will-power (rather than any of the rare relevant medical condition), and every encouragement guilt-inducing-method should be used to help them. Call me … Read moreYou’re Too Fat