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Recommended: was recommended to me by the estate agent who advertised the house we’re moving to in August.

After registering, for free (though I would pay for the service), you select the organisations you need to notify from a large, categorised list, and provide your account number (or whatever detail is appropriate).

You can then send each message individually, or send them all at once.

Unfortunately, some companies still require that age-old ink on paper malarkey. In these cases, a preformatted letter is made available to print. is ‘in association with Royal Mail’, which makes sense because it could save them from thousands of undeliverable/redirected letters.

Opinion Reviews


The RAC have impressed me.

Whilst driving to my fiancée’s parents’ at the end of last week, the car conked out (while on the M6 Toll).
Fortunately, the power simply seemed to dissipate rather than instantly disappear, so I was easily able to slow to stop by an SOS box.
I have a mobile phone of course, but the SOS box allowed me to give a very precise location.

Calling the RAC was straightforward, just a matter of answering questions and confirming my own and the vehicle’s details.

The RAC man (an ex F1 engineer, apparently) arrived within 20 minutes (better than the estimate given on the phone), having called my mobile to let me know that he was a couple of minutes away.

He identified the problem simply by listening to the engine for a couple of seconds, and confirmed it by replacing the dead coil (a transformer that supplies the power to the spark-plugs).

I’d be very happy to recommend the RAC to anyone considering them (or their competitors).


Baby Clothes & Gifts

Some online companies have fantastic customer service and deserve to be mentioned.

The latest of these I’ve dealt with is LouLouBee, who I contacted after discovering they are one of just two UK companies who sell Wry Baby products. (The other was very slow to respond and only stocked one item anyway.)

LouLouBee were so friendly when I contacted them, asking for a particular product, and then again when I realised I’d made a mistake when ordering. I was even given some discount codes (which I gave to a work colleague) after I thanked them for being so helpful.