Scientology Is A Cult

I just wanted to use the word ‘[tag]cult[/tag]’ it since it enrages them so. Religions generally preach peace, forgiveness, etc., yet it appears [tag]Scientology[/tag] is all about brain-washing, coercion, and the elimination of anyone who even considers any contrary beliefs. How anyone can defend such behaviour is beyond me. I am glad to learn that … Read moreScientology Is A Cult

Christmas Is Coming (Apparently)

Well, I’ve received my first [tag]Christmas[/tag] catalogue. I’m unwilling to accept even the arrival of the autumn, let alone winter. (Maybe it’s [tag]global warming[/tag]…) To be fair, the RNLI catalogue wasn’t purely Christmassy, but it does have ‘snowy morning’ 1000-piece puzzles and mulled wine whisk sets. Is it too early to even mention the ‘[tag]holiday … Read moreChristmas Is Coming (Apparently)