Kenya: Reef Walk: Starfish

On the last full day of the holiday, after the gf had injured her foot, I went on a guided walk out to the reef.
It was about a kilometer out, and I was shown various creatures by the beach boy (who was probably my age actually).


This is a male starfish (the females are 5 sided blobs), and I was told that there are also green and blue versions of this.
You can see some damage to the end of the lowest ‘arm’ – this is where it had been nibbled at by a __ (I forget), and it was unable to move away from it. (I have video of Spider Starfish moving – it’s quite bizarre that they can even choose a direction to move!)

Kenya: Safari: Zebras

You probably want to see less of me, and more of the animals, so:

ZebrasZebras Hosted on Zooomr

Notice the fuzzy manes on the young ones.

Kenya: Hotel Pool: Me Swimming

The drip-feed continues…

This is me in the hotel pool on one of the three (iirc) wet’n’windy days.
My gf had hurt her foot by this point so was taking photos, and I wanted the exercise.

Hotel Pool Me SwimmingHotel Pool Me Swimming Hosted on Zooomr

Note the swim-up bar, where (as at the other bars at the hotel) they didn’t use measures, and the alcohol was free.