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Recursive Moved Itself

The highly observant amongst you may have noticed that I have moved this blog to my personal domain,
You should have been brought to this domain automatically, and I hope to fix the multitude of links online, but need the automatic move for those I can’t fix.
I’ve done this because I’m working to separate my freelance business,, from my personal stuff.

Eventually, the blog subdomain at jazzle will be replaced with a work related one.



I’ve been neglecting this blog.

The main reason is maybe because I’ve lost a lot of my time freedom by going and getting a real have to commute to the office and work regular hours job.
But it could also be because I’ve not had much to talk about.
Which in turn could be because I’ve got the new job.
Which suits my blog’s name quite well.


Pink For October

All this month this blog will be [tag]pink[/tag], in honour of the wearitpink [tag]Breast Cancer[/tag] Awareness campaign and Pink for October in the US.

Oh yeah, and I am donating as well. 🙂


Cars Behaving Badly (Site Proposal)

I have been bouncing an idea around my head (and off a couple of other people’s) and would like to open it up to your thoughts, reactions and suggestions.

Although I drive very little (I work at home), I see a lot of bad driving. A lot of the time it’s simply inconsiderate, sometimes it’s downright rude, other times it’s downright dangerous.
I have also seen many vehicles in dangerous physical conditions, and sometimes with illegal modifications.

Instead of whinging to the gf, I figured it would be much more useful to make a note of these things.
Making these notes could be useful in discovering who is to blame, and what could be done to prevent the problems in the future.

Some of you may be thinking ‘Goody Two-Shoes‘ etc, but there are too many people who complain about something and then do nothing to make it better. (Think Honda advert – Hate Something, Change Something, Make Something Betterrrr!)

The features I’ve considered for the site include:

  • Note of the:
    • Crime / Misdeed / etc
    • Vehicle Make & Model
    • Vehicle Registration
    • Driver description
      • Age / Sex
    • Location
      • Using Google Maps API
    • Rating of the ‘crime’
      • which would also show which crimes annoy us the most

All Web2.0’ified. All written in swanky OO PHP etc etc.
It would be anonymous, but limited to one report per Reg per IP per day. (Or something)

So, what are your reactions? Would you be concerned (for me) about litigation over slander etc? Would you submit reports? Would the police (or other authorities) be interested?


Paper Cut Pre-launch

I have pre-launched my first proper theme, Paper Cut.

Why ‘pre-launch’? Because it’s not quite finished and I wanted some comments from you all to help improve it.
I really would like to hear any thoughts you have, so don’t be shy!