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Recursive Moved Itself

The highly observant amongst you may have noticed that I have moved this blog to my personal domain,
You should have been brought to this domain automatically, and I hope to fix the multitude of links online, but need the automatic move for those I can’t fix.
I’ve done this because I’m working to separate my freelance business,, from my personal stuff.

Eventually, the blog subdomain at jazzle will be replaced with a work related one.


Ready for IE7?

The majority of (legit) Windows users may get a shock over the next 24 hours or so as IE7 is rolled out.

How soon until users stuck with [tag]IE6[/tag] start to get frustrated with ‘broken’ websites?
Will it encourage them to get legit copies of Windows?
Of course not, there are too many alternative browsers out there, notably [tag]Firefox[/tag] (my browser of choice).

Have you seen any sites which break horribly in [tag]IE7[/tag]? Or any particularly good examples of new designs?


USA Population Hits 300m

US Population Hits 300mSeconds from now, the US population will hit 300,000,000.
[The latest (projected) figure is visible at the US Census.]

Should they be trying to limit the population?
I think perhaps they should, but will they ever? I seriously doubt it.

Why should they? Because the planet is now in ‘ecological debt’ – we, as a race, are taking more from the planet than it can provide, and Americans are the worst of all. The average US citizen uses 5.3 times what he should. More detail in the BBC Report.
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Christmas Is Coming (Apparently)

Well, I’ve received my first [tag]Christmas[/tag] catalogue.

I’m unwilling to accept even the arrival of the autumn, let alone winter. (Maybe it’s [tag]global warming[/tag]…)

To be fair, the RNLI catalogue wasn’t purely Christmassy, but it does have ‘snowy morning’ 1000-piece puzzles and mulled wine whisk sets.

Is it too early to even mention the ‘[tag]holiday season[/tag]’?
Or is there harm in it? Does it devalue ‘the meaning of Christmas’, making it more and more about [tag]materialism[/tag]?

Are ‘Seasonal Products’ made available ahead of time for those who can’t afford it any other way? Or are those people simply lacking in [tag]will power[/tag], or the ability to simply save money?

UPDATE: I have since received the actual Christmas catalogue from the RNLI, nearly 3 month early!



Congratulations to my brother and his wife!

She is 12 weeks pregnant and doing well. (Due date: 23rd February 2007)
I’m going to be an uncle, which now I think about it, and as suggested by the gf, makes me feel quite old.

I’ll see them both at my sister’s wedding which is in a few weeks.
For now, it’s still a little surreal.