Christmas Is Coming (Apparently)

Well, I’ve received my first [tag]Christmas[/tag] catalogue. I’m unwilling to accept even the arrival of the autumn, let alone winter. (Maybe it’s [tag]global warming[/tag]…) To be fair, the RNLI catalogue wasn’t purely Christmassy, but it does have ‘snowy morning’ 1000-piece puzzles and mulled wine whisk sets. Is it too early to even mention the ‘[tag]holiday … Read moreChristmas Is Coming (Apparently)


Congratulations to my brother and his wife! She is 12 weeks pregnant and doing well. (Due date: 23rd February 2007) I’m going to be an uncle, which now I think about it, and as suggested by the gf, makes me feel quite old. I’ll see them both at my sister’s wedding which is in a … Read moreBaby!