Wasted Energy

This [tag]short film[/tag], produced for Greenpeace, explains how our power infrastructure in the [tag]UK[/tag] wastes an enormous amount of [tag]energy[/tag]. I’m no eco-nut*, and wouldn’t usually support Greenpeace, but this is a noteworthy issue and ‘[tag]decentralised energy[/tag]‘ does appear to have considerable merit. It is 18 minutes long, but worth watching (or at least listening … Read moreWasted Energy

Green Packaging

Sainsbury’s has started using fully compostable packaging for 500 of its products. Sainsbury’s say that this will save 4010 thousand tonnes of [tag]fossil fuel[/tag] each year, with the added benefit of saving 3550 tonnes of plastic, an embarrasing amount of which would have gone to landfill. Friend of the Earth were typically negative, saying (with … Read moreGreen Packaging