BA drops ban on wearing crosses

BA has announced that it has changed its rules regarding [tag]religious[/tag] items its staff can wear. As with many [tag]rules[/tag] and [tag]law[/tag]s, problems only appeared because they were far too specific. English law has the benefit of the word ‘reasonable’, allowing sensible flexible rules. Had their rules simply said “non-uniform [tag]cultural[/tag] and religious [tag]jewellery[/tag] and … Read moreBA drops ban on wearing crosses

The IT Crowd

… is to return! Originally Posted by Graham Linehan Series 2: Hopefully we’ll be on air round about/just after summer. And thank you! Good to know there’s people waiting for it. I’ll try not to let you down. Watching the first series, and hearing the criticism it received, made me think that it was unpopular … Read moreThe IT Crowd