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Firefox still has memory leak issue?

I had to kill Firefox earlier today after noticing that it was using around 750MB of memory!

It hung when I tried to close it normally, but perhaps I was just impatient.

This time I’m going to give it the benefit of doubt and blame some crappy Flash advert or something.

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BT (Bastards Telepunish) Woes

My ISP, BT, have got my goat again.

They’re punishing me by crippling my (already joke-worthy) download speeds, because I used a lot last week.
So they’ll probably charge me for that (fair enough, I suppose).

I understand that they need to provide a fair service to all their customers, but why does that have to mean reducing my speed when I’m not even trying to download excessive amounts? Surely they should simply cap my speed?

A double punishment.
I can’t even call to complain or plead my case because the relevant department is only open 9-5 Mon-Fri. Isn’t that absurd? They have the power to make their service even worse, on purpose, and don’t even have the guts to be around to answer for it.

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Firefox 3 to break Zoom (Edit: I’m mistaken)

Mozilla is about the make a big mistake, the same as that made by IE7.

Zooming the whole page is not a good idea.

Browser Zoom Method Comparison

Current Firefox text-only zoom on the left, IE7 on the right.

Using the current Fx way you can easily read the text without having to scroll sideways, but the new way (which is how IE7 works) means you have to scroll right for each line of text, then back to the left, and so on.

I simply cannot fathom how they thought this was the right move.

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NatWest Anti-Fraud Team: Impressive

Despite my reservations regarding NatWest’s Card Reader, I wish to voice how impressed I was with their Anti-Fraud Team.

DreamHost’s incredible billing blunder resulted in some peculiar charges to my card.
So when I was trying to pay what I actually owed, it was denied by the issuer.

I tried a few times (just in case), but then my mobile rings. It’s NatWest asking if it’s me attempting to make these payments.

That’s joined-up thinking. Some automated system has obviously spotted the unusual activity and gets a human to check it out. They have my number, call me, I explain. They then inform me that I should wait a short while and try again.

Bit of a pointless post I guess, but I thought they should get some credit.

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BBC Homepage Beta Using jQuery

The BBC Beta Homepage is using jQuery, but unfortunately it’s ugly.

I should qualify that – I think it’s a good move to make the homepage more personalisable, but does it have to look so Web2.0?
Big text was a fad a year ago, but it’s too informal for an internationally recognised and respected news source, and it makes it look so childish – I dread to think what the new CBBC sites would look like!

I realise this is only a beta, and may well change considerably, but without a bit of a shrink I won’t be likely to use it as a homepage tab.