Firefox Tip

I discovered yesterday that [tag]bookmarks[/tag] in [tag]Firefox[/tag] can have no name. Seems pointless? Not if the sites have [tag]favicons[/tag]: Space saving, so you can see more, hence fewer clicks. The above are, The Sketchup Components Collection, bit-tech, ebay, amazon, and the default icon (for a site with no [tag]favicon[/tag]), but you knew that … Read moreFirefox Tip

JS: Clear Default Value onFocus

Simply add the following to the the onFocus attribute of any HTML form input tag. [code lang=”JavaScript”]if (this.value == this.defaultValue) this.value = ”;[/code] this.defaultValue is automatically given the value in the HTML.

Append to Body onLoad

I looked for a long time how I could add JavaScript functions to an HTML document’s onLoad attribute. Eventually I found this, something so obvious that I had considered trying it but foolishly didn’t try. [code lang=”JavaScript”] var oldLoad = window.onload; window.onload = function() { oldLoad(); function2(); } [/code]


I wanted to tell the user that they need JavaScript, but obviously only if they don’t already have it enabled. The following is a very crude script which uses the very fact that JS is available to hide the requirement notice… HTML: [code lang=”html”] Warning! You need to have javascript enabled to use this page. … Read morejsReq