CSS3: Rounded Table Corners (No images)

You cannot give a whole table (<table>) rounded corners using CSS, browsers will ignore it, you must round the corners of the cells (<td>) inside. The following uses CSS2 selectors (:first-child etc) and CSS3’s corner-rounding border-radius to selectively round the outer corners of the cells in the corners. This will work for any size table. … Read moreCSS3: Rounded Table Corners (No images)

PHP Bug: json_encode() misleading warning on object with private properties

I have found a peculiar issue with PHP’s json_encode() function. If you have an instance object with private properties and use json_encode() it will give you a very misleading warning. class ExampleObject { private $privateProperty; … } $obj = new ExampleObject(); json_encode($obj); results in Warning: json_encode() … recursion detected … There are two workarounds in … Read morePHP Bug: json_encode() misleading warning on object with private properties

BBC Homepage Beta Using jQuery

The BBC Beta Homepage is using jQuery, but unfortunately it’s ugly. I should qualify that – I think it’s a good move to make the homepage more personalisable, but does it have to look so Web2.0? Big text was a fad a year ago, but it’s too informal for an internationally recognised and respected news … Read moreBBC Homepage Beta Using jQuery

JS: Clear Default Value onFocus

Simply add the following to the the onFocus attribute of any HTML form input tag. [code lang=”JavaScript”]if (this.value == this.defaultValue) this.value = ”;[/code] this.defaultValue is automatically given the value in the HTML.