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Rename Terrorism

If only [tag]terrorism[/tag] were renamed to ‘mild trepidation-ism‘ it wouldn’t be so effective.

Fortunately, I live in the [tag]UK[/tag], [tag]England[/tag] specifically, where our stiff-upper-lip-ed-ness prevents us from being too affected by [tag]terrorist[/tag] attacks.
It’s only when services are damaged that the country is really slowed.

Clearly there are some who unfortunately bear the brunt, often physically, in these attacks. Life for them, and their family and friends, may well be permanently changed.
But we have to put things in perspective: many many more people are killed by smoking than by terrorists in the UK; many more people are injured in simple DIY accidents than by terrorists. So why be so scared of it?

Being terrified by such a slim statistic is no way to live a life.

Calling it ‘Terrorism’ only serves to make it more powerful.


Scientology Is A Cult

I just wanted to use the word ‘[tag]cult[/tag]’ it since it enrages them so.

Religions generally preach peace, forgiveness, etc., yet it appears [tag]Scientology[/tag] is all about brain-washing, coercion, and the elimination of anyone who even considers any contrary beliefs.

How anyone can defend such behaviour is beyond me.

I am glad to learn that its requests to be recognised as a [tag]religion[/tag] here in the [tag]UK[/tag] have been rejected, but am concerned that it could still happen.


Run away from Dogma

Lifehack: 10 MORE ways to create a breakthrough in your life.

Run away from any kind of dogma. Dogma is the product of a closed mind. It’s an idea with a threat attached. If you suffer from dogma, get it out of your life. Let it go. Kick it out. Try thinking the opposite. Treat it like a crazy joke. Do anything you can to get rid of it. It’s the greatest source of barriers to breakthrough.

I was surprised (and happy) to see an American openly recommending avoiding religion, even if he did include it as part of a greater collection. I then read that the author, Adrian Savage, is in fact an Englishman.

He’s right though – traditions often stand in the way of innovation, and what’s more traditional than religion?


Teaching Britishness

How about just bringing back some discipline?
Isn’t that what schools are actually lacking at the moment?
This must be a smoke-screen.

And to the Muslims wanting Islamic principles to be taught as well – Muslims account for only 3% of the UK population.
How about mentioning all the main (world-wide) faiths and the underlying principles?


Your Right To Die

Currently in the news is the debate in [tag]UK[/tag] government over a form of legal [tag]suicide[/tag].
Unsurprisingly this is being criticised as a “back door to [tag]euthanasia[/tag]”.

My issue however is the argument against being used by various parties.
They will start with a well reasoned, well vocalised argument, and then spoil it all by mentioning religion.
I hope that my friends and family will know well enough that I have no issue with [tag]religion[/tag] per se.
However, it cannot be used as part of any reasoning – there are too many assumptions that have to be made and, in my eyes, the argument is null and void.

Are there times when religious texts can be quoted as truly meaningful reason?