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10/GUI This is as much an HCI concept as it is about the GUI. I think a multitouch pad would be great. 5 fingers, i.e. one hand, would be plenty though, and having one hand remaining on the keyboard allows for faster resumption of typing long text. My HTPC keyboard already has a simple multi-touch […]

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The Loopy Film

Suitably recursive:

Graphics Language

Indian Rupee Symbol Competition

Since I don’t live in India, I’m not allowed to enter the competition to design an official symbol for the Indian Rupee announced last month. I have however come up with a very simple design: (horribly created in Paint.NET) I’m posting this now so I can see how it compares with whatever is chosen when the […]

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Yet Another Daft Punk Harder Better Fast Stronger Video

to add to the two I featured in my earlier post, Groovy Dancing.

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3 / Skype Marketing Technique

I was recently contacted by Matt of and offered the chance to trial a pair of 3 (the network) Skype (the VoIP company) mobile phones ( for a month. (No obligation to do anything, other than the mention of returning them after a month.) I thought it was an interesting marketing ploy – it […]