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Graphics Language

Indian Rupee Symbol Competition

Since I don’t live in India, I’m not allowed to enter the competition to design an official symbol for the Indian Rupee announced last month. I have however come up with a very simple design: (horribly created in Paint.NET) I’m posting this now so I can see how it compares with whatever is chosen when the […]


Recursive Word of the Moment

vituperate vī-ˈtü-pə-ˌrāt verb To overwhelm with wordy abuse

Tech Web

Firefox still has memory leak issue?

I had to kill Firefox earlier today after noticing that it was using around 750MB of memory! It hung when I tried to close it normally, but perhaps I was just impatient. This time I’m going to give it the benefit of doubt and blame some crappy Flash advert or something.

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Leaving Bitopia

Prior to the big move, I’m leaving my current job at Bitopia at the end of the week. Last Friday, all the staff went to watch Saints beat  Castleford Tigers. At the end of the evening I was surprised and honoured to be presented with a personalised and autographed Saints shirt by Paul Sculthorpe. I’d […]